XIX Century

After a medieval germen of university which is not 100% historically well documented. The second attempt of University in the nineteenth century would not wait for many years, and his birth is also related to the situation of political freedom of the time, since it takes place in the wake of the Revolution of 1868, and because of freedom of education established in the Decree Law of October 21, 1868 and more specifically by virtue of a provision of the same rank of January 14, 1869, which authorized Provincial Councils and City Councils to create universities, provided that they financed them from their money.

The origin of the current university

More known are the data that refer to the origins of the current University, to which a large bibliography has devoted numerous pages. It is known that the new University was born in 1915 after an important campaign of political, journalistic and even popular pressure, arising in the newspaper "El Liberal", which was raised with the flag of the prevailing request as it has related in sufficient detail Diego Sánchez Jara in his book How and why the Martian University was born.


Campus of La Merced. Location of ECIT 2018

It is historically the first campus, located in the center of the city of Murcia, between Obispo Frutos, Doctor Fleming and Santo Cristo streets. In him they are the Faculty of Right and the Faculty of Letters.

Antonio de Nebrija Library, the Paraninfo and an office of the University Information Service (SIU) are also located there.

Virtual tour

In the next link you can view a virtual tour of the Faculty of La Merced, location of ECIT 2018 and other buildings of the University of MurciaGo to virtual tour (flash player required)

Note: All information, photos and virtual tour of this section has been extracted from the web page:www.um.es



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